Guess Each Death Before It Happens In This Hilarious Video

In a particularly morbid moment, everyone's given the ominous online Death Clock a whirl in an attempt to predict one's demise. Imagine, then, that "Death Machines", styled after those testing contraptions from carnivals of old, suddenly began appearing the world over. Could you resist the temptation of letting such a device crank out your grisly — and darkly humorous — fate on a simple paper card?

"This Is How You Die" a slick, well-executed video that follows the bizarre deaths of five poor individuals, was inspired by a written anthology of the same name. Both the clip and the book take the exact scenario posed in the opening paragraph and use it to tell some rather interesting tales involving folk curious enough to try their luck with said Death Machines.

The clip, directed by Michael Mohan and written by Mohan and "David Malki !" (sic), one of the editors of the book, weighs in at five and a half minutes and is well worth a viewing. I'm not sure if the anthology is any good, but if its content is anything like the video, it might be alright.

[Vimeo, via Neatorama]

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