This New Zealand Designer's Hard Shell Suitcase Is Made From Recycled Carpet

This Hard Shell Suitcase Is Made From Recycled Carpet

This hard shell suitcase might look like just another piece of high-end luggage, but scratch its surface and you'll realise it's made from recycled carpet. No, really.

Developed by New Zealand designer Daniel Mclaughlin, Terracase is a hard shell suitcase made from a heady mixture of recycled carpets and bio resin derived from rapeseed oil. The result is tough, hardwearing shell which helps extend the lifecycle of wool-based products before they become waste.

Designed using CAD, it's been carefully scrutinized using finite element analysis to ensure that the shell can withstand knocks, bump and drops — ain't no unscrupulous baggage handler destroying this case. While it's currently not in production, the project has won £5000 ($8700) from the James Dyson Foundation to help make it a reality — so watch this space. [Daniel Mclaughlin via Design Boom]

Picture: Daniel Mclaughlin

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