Architecture Student Converts School Bus Into Cosy Home

Architecture Student Converts School Bus Into Cosy Home

School buses are so much fun. The springy seats, the awkward-to-open windows, the rumbling engine — it all hearkens back to a time in your life when you were younger, happier and worry-free. But did you ever imagine living in one? Hank Butitta did.

By his last semester at architecture school, Butitta had grown weary of doing projects that only existed on paper, ones that were destined to be filed away and forgotten. He got sick of making things that nobody cared about. So what did he do? He bought a school bus.

Over the course of 15 weeks, Butitta transformed the standard issue vehicle into a sleek and modern home. Equipped with all the necessary conveniences including two beds, a small kitchen and a bathroom, the converted school bus could rival any recreational vehicle in functionality — but it’s truly one-of-a-kind on all other counts. Once he’d given his final presentation, Butitta and some friends embarked on a 8000km road trip to test it out. According to his website, Hank Bought a Bus, the group is about halfway through, and based on their photos, the bus is a screaming success. [Home Designing]

The view from the back of the bus looking forward:

The view from the front of the bus looking back:

The beds in action:

The ultimate bed:

The beds and emergency exit slash sweet seat:

The driver’s seat:

The backstory:

The final preparations:

Pictures: Justin Evidon