Tag Along With The Fearless Badasses Who Clean The Windows Of New York City

Cleaning sucks, but just be happy you don’t have to do it from dizzying heights. New York City’s window washers cleaners have to be some of the ballsiest cleaners out there, and they dangle from buildings everyday like it’s nothing.

The New York Times took a closer look at their squeegee-ing heroics, and it’s terrifyingly awesome.

Brent Weingard and his gigantic balls of steel have been washing windows with Expert Window Cleaners for some 35 years. And in that time he’s hung out of old windows and new windows, exploring the city’s architecture from a uniquely petrifying angle. All told, it seems like a fascinating thing to do day after day, if you can stomach it. Coward that I am, I’ll just stick to blogging from inside the office. [The New York Times]