Aussie Students Are 3D Printing The Huge Westeros Map From Game Of Thrones

The opening titles to Game Of Thrones are so wonderfully epic. Beautiful towers and castles made of cogs and wheels rise out of a map of Westeros to that epic theme. Inspired by the title sequence, students from Sydney University are now creating a 3D wireframe of the Westeros map to be 3D printed.

Students from Sydney University's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning department are working hard to create the 3D model of Westeros in time for an open day it's holding soon.

It's a massive project that requires detailed scans of each building that pops out of the map during the opening titles.

Once it's finished, it will essentially be a scale, 3D topographical map of Westeros: from The Wall down to King's Landing.

Hopefully they paid the iron price for their 3D printers. We'll accept nothing less.

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