Aussie Scientists Invent The Holy Grail Of Booze: Electrolyte-Enhanced Beer

Scientists Invent the Holy Grail of Booze: Electrolyte-Enhanced Beer

In the never-ending quest to create a hangover-proof booze, a team of Australian researchers have developed a beer that rehydrates you as you drink, thanks to a healthy serving of electrolytes. Think of it as beer-flavoured Gatorade -- only less disgusting, presumably.

The nutrition researchers hail from the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland, and they say they've "improved" beer with their new recipe. To test it out, they enhanced two different commercial beers -- one light, one dark -- and gave them to test subjects who had just exercised. The participants had to replace 150 per cent of the body mass lost during the workout session within an hour by drinking one of four beers. Two were electrolyte-enhanced, and two were normal beers.

Guess what happened: the electrolyte-enhanced beers rehydrated test subjects better by more than a third, according to the researchers.

Unfortunately for you beer-guzzling exercise freaks out there, this rehydrating brew isn't available on the commercial market, and it's unclear if the researchers have any plans to sell it. For now, it's proof of concept. Drinking things with more electrolytes in them is better for rehydration. Of course, we sort of already knew that -- but everything's better with beer. [CNET]

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    Does that mean you can drink this beer all night with little to no hangover the next day? I want to see those results!

      From what I read elsewhere about this that was part of what they were trying to achieve.
      The theory is yes you would not have the effects of a hangover.

      Or, drink any other regular low strength beer and top up with a gatorade at the end of the night.
      Because either way, no man on earth is getting drunk from drinking this. That is why you won't get a hangover.

    I tried to enhance my home brew like this. The best I could get it to taste was ever so slightly worse than dog's back side. Though these beers just had added sodium.

    Realistically, that's it. Here's the abstract.

    It's also worth noting that only the light beer with the added sodium appears to have made a really significant difference. The heavy beer was pretty much the same with or without the electrolytes.

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    The alcohol in beer inhibits the release of ADH from the pituitary gland. The hormone is essential in controlling water reabsorption in the kidney. Remove that and one becomes dehydrated. More electrolytes will only work if they are absorbed, and they need sugar to do so, which beer tends to not have much of.

    Seems like a 'rehydrating' beer is a little bit futile.

      are you retarded. beer has a lot of sugar. its called alcohol!

        After a lengthy chemical reaction that sugar is converted into alcohol you assclown.

    I tried this theory.

    Gatorade and clear vodka all night.
    needless to say I still had a hang over in the morning lol

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