Samurai Kitchen Knives Let You Prepare A Feast For A Feudal Warlord

Samurai Kitchen Knives Let You Prepare a Feast For a Feudal Warlord

The one tool you don't want to skimp on when equipping a kitchen is a knife. A high-quality sharp blade can make cooking and food prep considerably more enjoyable, but so can a set of novelty kitchen knives that look like sheathed miniature samurai swords.

With this $US60 four blade set, which includes a bread knife, a meat carver, a utility knife, and a paring knife, you'll be slicing and dicing like you're defending Feudal Japan. The set comes complete with a wooden display stand and a matching set of aluminium sheathes, perfect for protecting the blades when you're not hacking through soup cans or chopping through fruits as they soar through the air. [Fizz Creations via The Awesomer]

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