Report: Apple's Next iPhone(s?) Coming September 10

Report: Apple's Next iPhone(s?) Coming September 10th

According to report from AllThingsD, Apple will be taking the lid off of its new iPhone a month from today, on September 10. Save the date for what should be a big day — especially if it's not the only debut Apple's got up its sleeve.

While Apple rumours are as Apple rumours does, AllThingsD is as reliable a source as you're going to get outside of Cupertino itself. But even if the date is certain, plenty of questions remain as to what, exactly, we'll see there. Here's our best bet for now.

iPhone 5S

If there's one thing Apple — and Tim Cook, in particular — is good at, it's squeezing every last ounce of utility out of the supply chain. That means that while other companies might switch up design (and with it, manufacturing processes) every year or more, Apple's generally content to stick with the same basic shape for at least two generations. Think 3G/3GS, 4/4S.

That means the head-liner should basically be an iPhone 5 with better internals and a few key embellishments and rumoured leaked parts have so far backed that theory up. The biggest change for the vast majority of iPhone buyers will be iOS 7, which we already know pretty much everything about.

On the hardware side, you can expect to see a faster processor, better battery, improved camera; you know, the standard spec bumps. The one major change on the hardware side may be biometric security in the form of a fingerprint reader. Apple purchased a company that specialises in just that a year ago, and code indicating that fingerprint scanning is a strong iPhone 5S potentiality is hidden deep in the bowels of iOS 7.

All of which sounds fairly standard, not likely to make much of a splash. But you know what might?

Report: Apple's Next iPhone(s?) Coming September 10th
Report: Apple's Next iPhone(s?) Coming September 10th

iPhone 5C

Rumours of a "budget" iPhone have been escalating for the last two years; the WSJ has been one of its major proponents. But it didn't seem likely until more recently, when cheaper Android phones began to gobble up Apple's marketshare in earnest (particularly in the crucial Asian market). Enter the iPhone 5c.

Here's what we think we know about the budget iPhone: It will have a plastic shell. It will be cheap, but maybe not as cheap as you think. And it might come in a wonderful array of colours. As our friend Martin Hajek speculates:

As for internals, there are fewer credible sources. But it seems likely — given, again, Apple's supply chain cleverness — that it will have the same guts as at least an iPhone 4S.

One More Thing?

There are plenty of rumoured Apple projects out there; an iWatch (someday!), a television (probably not!), an updated iPad and iPad mini. Should we anticipate seeing one of them in a month? Anything could happen — but these probably won't.

While an iWatch seems inevitable, it seems unlikely that Apple is far enough along in its development to have a product ready to announce in four short weeks. As for an Apple HDTV, it's far from likely that such a product will ever exist, but it certainly won't happen before Apple locks in meaningful deals with content providers — something it hasn't yet come close to.

As for the iPad and iPad mini, their release cycles have gotten unpredictable enough that they could show up now or next spring. If they do come along on September 10th, don't expect much more than a spec bump for either.

Still though, the iPhones should be more than enough — especially if there really is, for the first time, more than one of them.



    I can see the 5C being a big game changer... if the price is low enough. That was one of the reasons android was so popular, it's so damn cheap.

    That being said I'm looking forward to the announcements next month, my 4s needs upgrading :p

      Not only that, but you dont need to provide credit card details to download free apps from the Google Play store. One of my biggest gripes with Apples app store.

        just use a $10 iTunes card. I'll would never and has never used a credit card for any purchase. Not safe.

          Ok cool. Didnt know that was possible. When I tried to sign up to an iTunes account, it gave me no option but to enter in Credit Card details to proceed in completing the transaction. I didnt see any method of using an itunes card etc. But even with an iTunes card, how would it allow me to download free apps? I shouldnt have to purchase any cards or put in CC details to download free apps.

            Things have changed, you can sign up for an account without a card, but you can't purchase things without an iTunes redeption code or a credit card. To redeem in the iTunes store, type in your redemption code and your away. When you run out of credit, it lets you know beforehand.

            How do you purchase apps in google play store without an account?

              Things have changed in the last 3 weeks? I had a brand new iPhone 5 for work. Wanted to download free games from the App Store but it kept taking me through the purchase process in which only credit cards were allowed. There was no other option. So I gave up and when the opportunity arose, I swapped out my iPhone 5 for a new Galaxy S 4. I love it when things just work themselves out.

        You don't need a credit card for the app store either. My account was credit cardless for a long time with the app store. I think the itunes gift cards thing is one of the primary reasons the appstore was successful in the early days.

        You don't need a credit card at all. You just select 'none' instead of 'visa' or whatever.

          None isnt an option unfortunately. Not sure if this is a recent change to the process.

            It's there, I just looked. It has Visa, Mastercard, American Express, then a None button. Are you doing it using iTunes?

            Its an option when you create an account from a mobile device, not from iTunes...

        You actually don't need to provide any CC details... maybe a year ago you did.
        Just go into the app store, go to download a free app, iTunes asks to set up a new account, fill out details. You get the option of adding credit card (same as Google account), but you can select "none" from the options and add it later if you wish. Just FYI.

    Really looking forward to the new Retina MBPs with Haswell - I assume they'll be a launch product for OSX 10.9 (really quite nice by the way - getting better with every Developer Preview update).

    Going all out this year. Switching back to iOS from WP8, and had my MBP 15" for almost 5 years, had my iPad 2 for 2 and a half, my wife's 4S is almost 2 years old and my Mac Pro needs an upgrade.


    - iPhone 5S
    - iPhone 5C
    - iPad Mini retina
    - iPad 5
    - Haswell MBP
    - Upgrading all the internals on my Mac Pro

    Expensive next 5 months.

      Sheep much. Because you NEED all those things and then whine it will be an expensive month..

        I gather one phone and tablet for each of them, not two of each for himself?

        Calm down please haha...

        selling old equipment would also pay off a lot of upgrade costs being apple, they do hold their resale value a fair bit.

        Who's whining. Just saying.

        No sheep issues involved, it's just easier. I switched to Windows Phone last year, and while I enjoy using my Lumia, the lack of apps and lack of UPDATES to existing apps just grinds you down eventually.

        The only "extra" on that list that I don't already own an old version of is the iPad mini. That's for the little one. Theres tis simply replacing an older (in most cases MUCH older) version of something I already have.

      Ah yes, more shinies for the iSheep, one must feel sorry for them.

        I would like a high resolution mini ipad.....but I don't have money to throw around
        Plus I can get the new nexus 7 if I wanted something like that

        blah blah blah blah blah.

        You're SO cool!

        must be a troll.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing if the budget iPhone comes out and is reasonably priced. I'm not currently in the frame of mind to buy a new phone this year because I can't justify either the 2 year contract or alternatively the $500+ outlay on a new smartphone. I am sick of my old phone (Galaxy S3) because it is just not what I need in my life right now but I am not wanting to buy a new, expensive phone either...

    If the iPhone 5c does come out and it is around the $300 to $349 price point, I will likely buy it outright and grab a Telstra pre-paid SIM. Here's hoping...

      First world problem much? What void in your life will a new iPhone fill that a ~12 month old top tier smartphone doesn't exactly?

      This is the first time I've ever heard someone refer to the inadequacies of their mobile phone as "just not what I need in my life right now".

        It was easier than listing the variety of reasons that I am unsatisfied with it for :) The only thing I really like about it is the camera..

        "What void in your life will a new iPhone fill that a ~12 month old top tier smartphone doesn't exactly?"

        In-car, hands-free bluetooth connectivity for one.

          You have a device that an iphone will connect to but an android won't?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure I take a handful of sleeping tablets and sleep all day so I don't have to read a thousand stories on how the new iPhone which will be exactly the same as the last two, will be a game changer, even though it won't be.

    Lol @ iphones

      If it weren't for iPhones, we wouldn't have all the great quality android phones today. Credit where credit is due. No idea.

        I appreciate that aspect of iphones, I really do (Also using a macbook pro atm [apple tech]). But when working with IOS at an enterprise level it makes me cry inside.

    I sheep ? bout windows sheep ? ( most sold pc ) android sheep ( more sold ) who's a sheep or just trying to be cool with less apps and less cohesion? Unless you just like helping South Koreas economy?

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