Our Best Look At The Budget iPhone Yet

Rumour has it that Apple is set to release a new budget version of the iPhone next month. A blog and/or human person called Sonny Dickson has published a huge gallery of images which supposedly show the back housing of the “iPhone 5C.” Is that what the cheap iPhone looks like, if it even exists? I sure hope so.

Now, we don’t know anything about this Sonny Dickson character, so please take these images along with heavy dose of scepticism. But let’s pretend for the sake of amusement that these are real images of a real Apple product that is actually going to be announced, and that somehow ended up in someones assured grip. Again, not likely! But let’s pretend. Pretending is fun.

As has been previously rumoured, the new images would appear to reveal a plastic build, as opposed to the iPhone’s anodised metal.

Additionally, the phone’s body appears to have rounder edges than the iPhone 5.

The headphone jack, speakers, and lightning port are on the bottom, just like on the iPhone 5.

There are plenty more pictures over Sonny Dickson. Do you think it’s real? Or maybe more importantly: do you want it to be? [Sonny Dickson via BGR]