Nokia Takes A Shot At Apple’s Camera Gear

Nokia Takes A Shot At Apple’s Camera Gear

A little while ago, Apple came out with a warm and fuzzy ad for its camera and the Instagrammers of the world. Now, Nokia is here to take a swipe at Apple over the quality of its photos.

The concept of Apple’s ad is simple: more people take photos on iPhone every day. Nokia’s message is simpler: ‘Sure, but ours are better’.

It’s a big plug for Pureview technology on the Lumia 925, as well as the bi-xenon flash tech on the device.

More interestingly, however, the two ads are almost direct carbon copies of each other when it comes to subject matter. Watch for the guy taking a photo through a red window, for example. It’s shot, blocked and run almost exactly the same. Crazy.

The original ad from Apple is below.

The only thing Nokia can’t show in its ad right now? Instagram.