Nintendo's 2DS Is Like The 3DS, But For Kids

Nintendo's announced its latest handheld, the 2DS. No, that's not a typo. All the fun of the 3DS, without the 3D, and for most of the asking price. Who's actually going to buy one?

To be honest, the 3D aspect of 3DS games has never really wowed me, but then I'm in the segment of the market that finds excessive use of its 3D slider an invitation to upchuck.

That being said, the 2DS is one weird critter; it's a fully flat handheld with screens the same size as the regular 3DS, compatible with 3DS and DS games. The camera supports 3D photo taking, but obviously not watching. Nintendo's pitch is that it's for younger gamers, which makes a certain amount of sense, given that it's long advised younger gamers shouldn't use the 3DS' 3D functions. As a parent, I somewhat get that, but what I don't get is the price.

The 2DS will sell locally for $149.95 arriving on the 12th of October. The problem there is that it's pretty easy to pick up the 3DS for under $200, which is going to make the 2DS an interesting value proposition, especially as that flat screen feels like an invitation for breakage to me.

Kotaku has a more in-depth look at the 2DS if you're keen on more detail.


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    As I said on Kotaku, I'd be keen to pick one of these up. I never liked the hinged feel of either DS, 3D is not something that I'm interested in and I'm all for saving money when it comes to something I'd only use here and there.

    Honestly, I just want to play Animal Crossing!

      honestly i just want to play fire emblem and project x zone :)

        Actually, I've heard good things about Fire Emblem too! I just wish these were released today so I could pick one up right before mid-semester break for uni, rather than when I'm back in the thick of it with major assignments due.

          yeah, i fell in love with fire emblem radiant dawn and path of radiance on gamecube and wii, then i found some of the older games on megadrive and smasehed them too, so hooked on the franchise.
          i wish someone would remake a shining force game, like shining force II.

          Last edited 29/08/13 1:17 pm

      Animal Crossing is so good.

      I caught a whale shark the other night and I was like "Shit yeah, a whale shark!", then I questioned what I was doing with my life, then I spotted a Golden Stag Beetle.

        Hopefully you crept up on that Golden Stag!

          I crept so slow it took me an hour to get there #goldenstagproblems

    The 3DS is $249.95 RRP? And this 2DS is $149.95 RRP?
    And as you say the 3DS regularly sells for under $200?
    I think it's safe to assume that we may be able to find the 2DS for around $130 which is pretty good compared to $200.

    I got my 3ds for $119 at JBhifi not long ago.

    I know the purpose is to keep young children with developing eyes away from the 3D, but if they had a 3D version of that thing I would definitely buy it just because I hate those flimsy hinges. The hinges are always the first thing to break.

    Yes, we have two dsi's with broken hinges. If this eliminates that issue I will be happy.

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