NBN Co To Reportedly Miss Roll-Out Targets Again

We're getting into the meat of the Federal Election campaign now, and the every weakness is being seized upon by the opposing faction to make them look stupid before the electorate. So imagine how well this news will go down: new leaked documents indicate that the National Broadband Network Company will again miss its all-important roll-out targets. Again.

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The Australian Financial Review has reportedly got hold of leaked documents which indicate that the National Broadband Network Company is looking at a shortfall of around 273,065 premises by the milestone date of June 2014.

If true, it would be the second time the NBN Co has had to announce that it's falling behind. Regardless of the accuracy, however, Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is likely to leap on the report and use it as an electoral lightning rod.

If indeed this report does turn out to be true, it shouldn't surprise anyone, nor should blame fall squarely upon the shoulders of NBN Co. The last six months have been fraught with contractor issues that has seen construction slow. Construction partners are unable to recruit and retain enough workers to get the NBN work done, and some construction partners like Syntheo look set to walk off the job entirely once its contractual obligations are complete.

Until then, it's just speculation. Read the full report at the AFR for more. [AFR]

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