Meet Jiva: Australia’s Newest ISP, Backed By iiNet

Meet Jiva: Australia’s Newest ISP, Backed By iiNet

As if Australia’s broadband market wasn’t crowded enough, there’s a new discount ISP coming to market in September, backed by none other than industry giant, iiNet. Meet Jiva.

It’s pretty simple to wrap your head around iiNet’s Jiva brand. Rather than offer a swathe of plans for a bunch of different technologies and customers, Jiva offers one plan at one price.

Jiva offers a single plan for $79 per month. That gets you unlimited ADSL2+ broadband all national and local landline calls and a wireless router to call your very own on a 24-month contract That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

Michael Malone, head honcho of iiNet, said today that Jiva isn’t “budget iiNet”, rather it’s an easy, one-size fits all plan to compete with other unlimited offerings currently on the market from the likes of TPG, for example.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes Jiva to break its “one plan, one bill” rule and offer more service to customers based on further “market research”.