Livescribe Now Lets You Transcribe Your Audio Notes

How many times have you started recording stuff on your Livescribe smart-pen, only to realise at the end of a lecture, interview or meeting that you forgot to take any notes. Oops. Don't worry, though: Livescribe feels your pain and has partnered with a new transcription service to help.

Livescribe has today partnered with TranscribeME, a service which actually lets you send away an audio note to be transcribed by a speech-to-text application for a small fee ($1 per minute for stuff like dictations and lectures, $2 per minute for interviews and meetings). The program TranscribeME uses boasts 98 per cent accuracy when translating notes from audio to text.

If you tag a pencast through Evernote or upload the actual .wav file via TranscribeME, you'll get your transcribed notes back in a couple of days at the most. The best part is that it's integrated straight into your Evernote account, or an email hits your inbox.

Livescribe customers are able to get five minutes of free transcription services right now just by owning one of the smart pens so you can try before you buy. [TranscribeME]

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