Let Your Child Relax With A Martini Glass Rattle After A Tough Playdate

Let Your Child Relax With a Martini Glass Rattle After a Tough Playdate

If you need a little something in the evening to take the edge off a hectic day at work, just stop and imagine what your toddler has to go through. Constant nappy changes, being force fed pureed crap at every meal, and pre-arranged playdates with whiny, crying kids they can't escape. If a martini helps you relax, there's no reason to believe this adorable martini glass rattle wouldn't do the same for your kids.

It's just $US9 and cleverly features a fake plastic olive rattling around inside the sealed martini glass. It's cheaper than actually putting a real martini in a sippy cup, and safer than tossing a handful of rusted bolts in an empty beer bottle. [FunSlurp via bookofjoe]

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