Leatherman's New Slim Snowboarding Tools Won't Hurt As Much When You When You Wipe Out

Remember to take a multitool with you next time you shred the slopes. But be careful — a bulky piece of metal in your pocket will hurt when you fall on it. For something less painful, try Signal Snowboard's Leatherman line.

The Leatherman Rime ($US25) has a carabiner, scraping edge, #3 flat/Philips bit, bottle opener, lace assist, headphone storage, and a place to clip in an iPod shuffle. Seriously, that's covers just about everything you could need out on the hill, and it's super slim so it won't hurt (as much) when you fall on it.

There are three versions of the tool, but the two Hail models are sold out right now. If you want this Rime, you should probably act quickly. Or next time you have a yard sale, it'll be more than your pride that's bruised. [Signal Snowboards via Hypebeast]

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