Lawn Darts Is Infinitely Better With Parachutes

Quirky, purveyors of kitchen gadgets for the lazy and other items of whimsy, has invented a new game for sale called StrataChute. What’s not to love about a new game for the park, especially when it has parachutes?

The premise is insanely simple: players are given little balls with parachutes inside them. You aim them at a target with a nylon launcher, and when they hit the apex, they’ll open up and parachute down. Each set comes with six balls (three for each team), a pop-up target, and a launcher. It’s part lawn darts, part paratrooping. What’s not to like?

The game is not for sale yet, and we don’t know launch date or price, but you can follow the product on Quirky for more info. In the meantime, why not work on some target practice? [Quirky]