Is This The Swankiest Fridge Money Can Buy?

Is This The Swankiest Fridge Money Can Buy?

Meet the Samsung Sparkling Fridge. It’s not called that because of its looks, it’s called that because this monstrous cooling box is the first fridge in the country that can produce not just chilled water, but sparkling water too.

The 890-litre monster-fridge is about classing up your kitchen thanks to the sparkling water dispenser, powered by Sodastream.

Concealed inside the left-hand side door is a 60-litre Sodastream canister that can charge the water stored in the internal, 1.2-litre water tank. There are three levels of carbonation you can choose from, ranging from lightly to heavy sparkling.

You can even stick a flavoured Sodastream canister in the fridge to get delicious drinks straight out of the door when you need it.

The fridge is has two doors, a cooling drawer with customisable cooling zones for wines, cold cuts and desserts, topped off with the freezer compartment at the bottom.

Samsung has also had its boffins rethink the fridge’s construction so it can pack more storage into the same footprint. A new, high-density insulation foam lines the fridge’s walls, which means that they’re thinner than previous models allowing for more shelf space.

It’s also running Samsung’s proprietary twin-cooling technology which means that the fridge and freezer anre being run on two separate cooling systems rather than just letting the cool air fall down into the freezer with one fan, cooler and evaporator.

The Sparkling Fridge will be available from Harvey Norman stores on 1 September for the price of $4999.