HTC One mini Heading To Telstra And Vodafone

The compact cousin of the HTC One is coming to Telstra from mid September, or from Vodafone in early October.

HTC's announced that Telstra will offer the slightly-smaller HTC One Mini from September 17th in Silver, either outright for $480 or on a $60 business or consumer 24 month plan for a total contract minimum of $1,488.

Vodafone, meanwhile, appears to have the exclusive on the Stealth Black version of the HTC One Mini, but it won't be getting it until early October, with pricing not announced at this stage.

Giz US had a hands-on (which you can read here) with the HTC One Mini and came away pretty impressed. I'm keen to see what the system sacrifices mean for what is still my personal favourite smartphone of 2013.

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