How The Moto X Compares To The Competition

How The Moto X Compares To The Competition

After essentially leaking every spec possibly imaginable, the fruit of Motorola’s Google-ised loins is finally here. And just as promised, it’s a colourful, smooth beauty to behold. That’s great, but the real test comes with what it’s packing under the hood. Can the Moto X keep up with the smartphone market’s toughest competitors?

One area in which it immediately falls short is pixel density. At 316 pixels per square inch, it’s dragging behind pretty much every other flagship smartphone out there (coming close only to the iPhone 5’s 326 and Nexus 4’s 320). On the other hand, pixels have become so packed together that at this point anyone who claims to notice any significant difference is lying.

Its 2200mAh Li-ion battery holds its own in the group, and as with most phones, it completely destroys the iPhone’s measly 1440mAh.

At its thickest point, the Moto X measures in at a hefty 10mm, but this thing is super curved. At its thinnest, you’re holding a mere 5mm of phone, which as we note in our hands-on, feels great to hold.

So, from first impressions alone, this phone is pretty damn impressive. Time will be the ultimate test, but we have a good feeling the Moto X will pull through with flying colours.