Goodbye Ugly Futons: Laid-Back Lounger Transforms To Sleep One

Goodbye Ugly Futons: A Laid-Back Lounger That Transforms To Sleep One

They're a cheap and easy way to add some extra sleeping space to your apartment, but futons are a sure sign that you're either in school, just graduated from school, or can't stop reliving school. If you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated way to accommodate guests, like an adult, this incredibly comfy-looking Figo lounger transforms into a bed for one — in style.

You don't even need to sacrifice one of the pillows from your bed, because the Figo has one built-in that doubles as a headrest when it's not prepped for sleeping. At $US550 it's nowhere near as cheap as an air mattress, but buying nicer things is all part of that whole growing up thing. [Futon Creations via Fancy]

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