Even Movie Pirates Want You To Shut Up During Film Screenings

Well this escalated quickly. Sure, film piracy is bad (mmkay?), but violence is worse. Just ask the guy who nearly got the living crap kicked out of him for talking and munching on snacks during a screening of Kick Ass 2 that a movie pirate was trying to film.

This video was posted online a few hours ago, featuring what sounds like an Aussie guy threatening another moviegoer to pipe down during his recording of Kick Ass 2. Gotta keep that audio mix clean.

Here's what he said:

Listen mate, I'm trying to record this so if your friend can't eat those a little more quietly, I'm going to rip your f**king balls off and if you don't think that's fair, life ain't fair. Now shut-up.

The clip cuts out before we could get any response from the person or persons he was threatening, but it's fair to say he listened.

I'm all for getting people to shut the hell up during movie screenings, but it just feels wrong when the guy doing the shushing is both a blatant movie pirate and all-round douchebag. [YouTube]

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