Even Movie Pirates Want You To Shut Up During Film Screenings

Well this escalated quickly. Sure, film piracy is bad (mmkay?), but violence is worse. Just ask the guy who nearly got the living crap kicked out of him for talking and munching on snacks during a screening of Kick Ass 2 that a movie pirate was trying to film.

This video was posted online a few hours ago, featuring what sounds like an Aussie guy threatening another moviegoer to pipe down during his recording of Kick Ass 2. Gotta keep that audio mix clean.

Here's what he said:

Listen mate, I'm trying to record this so if your friend can't eat those a little more quietly, I'm going to rip your f**king balls off and if you don't think that's fair, life ain't fair. Now shut-up.

The clip cuts out before we could get any response from the person or persons he was threatening, but it's fair to say he listened.

I'm all for getting people to shut the hell up during movie screenings, but it just feels wrong when the guy doing the shushing is both a blatant movie pirate and all-round douchebag. [YouTube]

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    Wow.. I would love to have been there, having realised what he was doing and listened to his tirade to the other guy and give a live commentary throughout the rest of the movie for his benefit... :) Having said that, crunching lollies, opening crisp packets and talking during the movie are sins punishable by death afic... :)

      Dude, you need some life tips. Sure you can rile up your friends mate or your best friend but a random stranger is so risky. Unless you are an excellent fighter or expert in self defense why tempt fate?

      That dude who was recording was crazy. Highly unlikely he would have hit you in the film, he would just follow you back to your vehicle. That is how they operate.

        Dude, you need some life tipsFirstly, it was told in jest... a joke, a jape...
        Having said that, the only time I back down from asshats like that are if they are way bigger or observably crazy. This guy was a dick, so unless he fell into the previously mentioned category he was fair game... I may be in my fifties but I didn't get there running away from tools... MmmKay..!! :)

    you only need to watch the Seinfeld episode to see how serious these guys take it.

      Because Seinfeld is real

    Pretty stupid to yell out that you're recording the movie, lifetime ban from most cinemas and a pretty hefty fine too if I'm not mistaken.

    it's not an Aussie, the accent is wrong & 'rip your balls off' isnt REALLY an aussie slang term either..

    it sounds like a pom to me ;)

      True it doesn't sound Aussie, maybe Tongan.

    Listened? wow. I would have straight dobbed him in just for being a douche!
    Here is how it feels like to have your balls handed to you sir. Enjoy your 500.000 fine

    lol how does that sound Australian?

    Bit of an idle threat though. He assaults him, cops get involved, and then get told the guy was filming the movie to pirate it.......nice plan there genius.

    Being noisy in the cinema is one thing, but if I was actually threatened by this type of douche while he was illegally recording the movie, I would just do the right thing and tell on him. Bit of a dick move I guess, but it would get him kicked out and banned and that would be all the more satisfying than violence.

    Actually they are both scumbags and would have loved them to beat the crap out of each other. Can't stand pr!cks talking loudly and making noises unwrapping and eating their food. But what sort of numnut illegally taping a movie would blow his cover and have the nerve to complain.

    that movie pirate can suck my hairy balls! no one watches ur shaki shonky shit u loser. pay ur way or go home.

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