EB Games New Zealand Making Fun Of Australia For Censoring Saints Row IV

Remember when we got the R18+ rating for video games and we were all happy that we could be so grown up about video games? That was before games like Saints Row IV had to be modified to fit in with our weird classification system. EB Games New Zealand saw an opportunity for ridicule, and is now taking shots at our expense with a special edition of Saints Row IV.

According to Kotaku, the folks at EB New Zealand have sent out a newsletter to subscribers offering them an exclusive deal on Saints Row IV. It comes with a bunch of cool DLC swag, and the call to action in the email reads a bit like this:

Secure your Presidential Edition of Saints Row IV today and receive an UNCUT version of the game, not the cutback watered down anti wub wub Aussie version!

How dare you mock us in our time of need, New Zealand. I don't know about you guys, but I'm all for finally invading the land of the Long White Cloud and taking its ample spoils for ourselves. We've always wanted a seventh state after all. [Kotaku]

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