Don't Text And Drive, Because You Might Crash Into A Manure Truck

Don't Text and Drive Because You Might Crash into a Manure Truck

So we might have found Biff Tannen. A guy was texting and driving a Ford Mustang convertible when BAM... he crashed into a tractor pulling a trailer "full of liquid manure". Yikes, that might actually be worse than Biff's fate in Back to the Future.

Police said that the crash occurred on Highway 151 in Grant County, Wisconsin, at 11.34am local time, and that the guy's convertible — it had to be a convertible, right? — was actually a rental car.

KCCI News reports that:

Authorities said Bruhn was finishing texting and talking on his phone when he looked up just in time to see the tractor seconds before the crash.

The driver of the tractor wasn't hurt, but the guy texting while driving broke his finger. Poetic, really. [KCCI News via Consumerist]

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