An Aussie Guy Is Selling Humble Bundles For A Profit On eBay

An Aussie Guy Is Selling Humble Bundles For A Profit On eBay

EA’s Humble Bundles are excellent. They’re a great way for gamers to get great titles for cheap, and it’s an opportunity for a big studio to support a charitable cause. Then somebody comes and pees in the proverbial pool and starts ruining it for everyone. Meet Aussie eBay user jazz_singh.88, who is selling Humble Bundles for a profit online.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a Humble Bundle, it’s beautifully simple: a game studio offers up online keys to games for cheap, and all the money from the purchase of the package goes to charity to benefit those less well off or struggling with illness or hardships. A great cause, and people flock to buy the game bundles for the cheap games and the warm and fuzzies they get from slapping down cash for charity.

Kotaku found yesterday that what this guy doing is nothing short of reprehensible: buying Humble Bundles and reselling the keys to the games at a profit. Sure, he’s buying the Bundles first, giving some money to a good cause, but as he donates with one hand, he slaps the charity in the face with the other by profiting for himself.

Kotaku emailed the seller, challenging him on the behaviour. The response is just as obnoxious as his behaviour:

[B]usiness is business,” he replied, “plus every time one is bought, I buy one of the humblebundle, which means more money is going to charity.

It’s essentially exploiting a charitable gesture from EA Games for personal gain; stepping on the necks of the less fortunate and those who would offer assistance. [Kotaku]