An Aussie Guy Is Selling Humble Bundles For A Profit On eBay

EA's Humble Bundles are excellent. They're a great way for gamers to get great titles for cheap, and it's an opportunity for a big studio to support a charitable cause. Then somebody comes and pees in the proverbial pool and starts ruining it for everyone. Meet Aussie eBay user jazz_singh.88, who is selling Humble Bundles for a profit online.

If you're not familiar with the concept of a Humble Bundle, it's beautifully simple: a game studio offers up online keys to games for cheap, and all the money from the purchase of the package goes to charity to benefit those less well off or struggling with illness or hardships. A great cause, and people flock to buy the game bundles for the cheap games and the warm and fuzzies they get from slapping down cash for charity.

Kotaku found yesterday that what this guy doing is nothing short of reprehensible: buying Humble Bundles and reselling the keys to the games at a profit. Sure, he's buying the Bundles first, giving some money to a good cause, but as he donates with one hand, he slaps the charity in the face with the other by profiting for himself.

Kotaku emailed the seller, challenging him on the behaviour. The response is just as obnoxious as his behaviour:

[B]usiness is business,” he replied, “plus every time one is bought, I buy one of the humblebundle, which means more money is going to charity.

It's essentially exploiting a charitable gesture from EA Games for personal gain; stepping on the necks of the less fortunate and those who would offer assistance. [Kotaku]

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    What a dog. but a quick search showed that he wasn't alone.
    There were 3 other sellers offering the same bundle in the top 5 hits.

      There is a way to shut them down. Don't buy it and tell everyone else you know to show those guys a finer.

      Two of them are probably readers of Giz.

    The biggest insult is that the seller isn't even making much money off the deal. To get all of the bundle, he has to be spending at least $5. Is the time taken to do this even worth $5 profit? I guess it is if you place no value on your time at all.

    This is the sort of thing that will discourage EA and other distributors from doing more charitable stuff like this.

    Now the word is out, more people are going to get on this bandwagon.

    It's almost worth buying from him to be able to give him negative feedback.

    Could it be a good thing? It will mean more humble bundles sold.

      Completely agree. People are just being dicks for no real reason. So what if he's making a dollar or two? More money to the charities that otherwise wouldn't be getting it.

    Question: Is it against the rules of purchasing the humble bundles that the buyer is not allowed to resell? If not, then him doing this is in fact business, and two if you feel its reprehensible then thats a matter of one's personal opinion but before we get into a battle of right and wrong ask yourself this: how much have you done for charity this year? Lets not go flogging this guy just because he's making a buck or two out of it. At the end of the day if its not against the terms, and it is indeed leading to more money for the charities, I don't see the wrong in it.

    The worst case scenario is shutting him down, the charity losing out on that additional money, and you, the person complaining, not actually donating any of your time or money to the charities it will affect by shutting him down. No I am not trolling (this now seems to be the default response when you post up a comment that goes in the opposite direction of everyone else).

      I couldn't agree more. If he/she sells any, obviously he/she is getting to people who otherwise wouldn't of bought anything from the HumbleBundle anyway - SO, more money towards charity.

        First thing i thought... He is buying bundles, EA are getting more money to charity and he is on selling them (taking a small cut)... Isn't that a basic business model?

    From Terms: The Service is only for sales of products or product rights (collectively, "Products") to end user customers for their personal, non-commercial use.

      Seems like a simple solution then, quote terms to eBay who will remove them. Sue for profits to discourage others.

      I would hate to think this might prevent future bundles as they are great. I usually pop a few dollars over the average and have picked up some classics that I would never have bought otherwise.

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