20 Iconic Weapons From The Most Legendary Gunslingers In Film

Even for people who are vehemently anti-gun, there's something fun about seeing how filmmakers and writers imagine weapons of the future, regardless of how unrealistic they are. Federico Mauro, an Italian art director, has taken it upon himself to make them real.

Mauro is an award-winning commercial director, but in his free time he hones his rendering skills with projects like this one: Famous Guns, a collection of guns used by classic film characters. "There's an iconic legacy between an object and a famous person," he told Gizmodo over email, "be it real or imaginary."

His collection includes plenty of actual guns (like Samuel Jackson's 9mm pistol from Pulp Fiction), but the best ones are the fictional weapons. They range from District 9's Arc Generator to Rick Deckard's Blaster pistol from Blade Runner, and the Ghostbusters Proton Pack even makes an appearance, too. Check 'em out below.

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