Z Day Is A Real World Zombie Event Across 70 Terrifying Acres

Z Day Is A Real World Zombie Event Across 70 Terrifying Acres

Imagine if the Day Z mod were real…you woke up in a forest-laden zombie wasteland complete with fire-hollowed buildings, limited supplies and sprinting zombies that you’d trade your last can of beans for them not to see you. All of that is about to become an intense reality with Z Day: a live-action Zombie event happening in Sydney later this year. Get your running shoes on.

Z Day is a massive real-world role-playing event set on a 70-acre post-apocalyptic landscape in Sydney. Players take to the field as either a Zombie, a Survivor or an elite Special Ops soldier, with each class equipped with character-specific gear, weapons and objectives.

If you’re a Zombie, your objective is simple: eat the Survivors.

Likewise if you’re a Survivor, your job is simple: your objective is to survive. When you’re deployed onto the Z Day field as a Survivor, however, you’ll be given a few things, including a gun with limited ammunition and a few other paltry supplies. It’s your job to go get more and to ultimately come face-to-face with your undead enemy.

The Special Ops class is where it gets really interesting: these elite soldiers are deployed onto the field with the best weapons, the most gear and a specific mission to complete beyond just surviving the deadly outbreak. Their missions as of yet haven’t been disclosed, but wouldn’t it be great if objectives included hunting down specific survivor groups, journeying to gather a particular totem, or just waiting for an evac in a heavily populated undead spot.

Z Day Is A Real World Zombie Event Across 70 Terrifying Acres

So how will it all work in terms of scoring? Obviously you can’t have people running around a field actually killing each other, nor would it be very fun to have a paintball-version of Z Day thanks to the need for protective gear taking you out of the role-playing action. No, instead, Z Day works in the same way the Patient 0 live zombie event works: with realistic IR weapons.

The custom IR weapons system will be deployed in a few different guns and tools, too: long-distance sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and even claymore mines will be present on the field, each with realistic ranges, damage abilities and spray patterns. The zombies will have their own versions of the IR weapon, built into a glove gadget rather than into a gun. Players will need to stay out of arms reach of a zombie, because on scratch equals death.

The IR weapons will record hits on a specially-designed receiver vest, and everyone gets a detailed report about their damage and accuracy at the end of the round.

Right now, Z Day is a concept up for funding on Pozible, and each player tier corresponds to backer reward levels. Sponsor the event highly enough and you get to play as the elite Special Ops class, for example.

Stephen and Daniel of Respawn Productions hope to run the events in the latter-half of 2013, and they’re after $10,000 to get their project off the ground. At the time of writing, they have around 48 days left and have already achieved over a quarter of their funding for the project.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Z Day! [Pozible]

Images: Respawn Productions