Your Wish For A Steampunk-Themed Personal Bar Has Been Granted

You're digging around an old factory in German and turn up a hollow ball of iron, once used to test light bulbs. What do you do with it, other than saving it for a football game between giant mechs? You transform it into the coolest personal bar you'll ever consume delicious potent potables from.

The bar, which as mentioned, was inspired by a 1920s' light bulb tester, is for sale over at Restoration Hardware for the princely sum of $US1995, though that's not such a big deal as I don't think it'll ship the thing to Australia.

So, unfortunately, we'll just have to admire its metal majesty from afar, in the form of these visually-appealing discrete cosine transformations.

The entire thing swings open to reveal three shelves and racks along with five wine holders. A tripod base keeps the whole device elevated and within reach. The dimensions come in at 99 x 118 x 156cm and it weighs a hefty 116kg.

Yep, that's one solid bar alright.

[Restoration Hardware, via The Awesomer]

Image: Restoration Hardware

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