Why Can't Luggage For Adults Be As Wonderful As This Robo-Bag?

There's an unwritten rule that luggage for adults has to have a fairly mundane and boring design. But when you're waiting at the luggage carousel and realise that everyone else had the same idea to buy a red suitcase to stand out, you realise there has to be a better way. And there is, it's just too bad the $40 Luggo here is only big enough to store a child's wardrobe.

As an adult you could probably buy three or four Luggo's to fit everything you need for a trip, but then you'd also have to pay a small ransom to the airlines to check all those bags. And that sucks, because you're simply not going to find a grownup-sized suitcase with wheels that light up and flash as it rolls. [ThinkGeek]

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