What Is Your Favourite Android Launcher?

The most hardcorest of Android users will root their phones and start from scratch with new ROMs. But, uh, that's more complicated than what the average user wants to go through just to squeeze slightly better performance out of their phone. Luckily, there is an easier way!

An application launcher is an easier way to customise the look and feel of your Android phone without doing any fancy footwork. We're looking for recommendations. What launchers do you all like? Why do you like them?


    Enjoy Nova Launcher. Simple to use yet extremely customizable. Used to use LauncherPro however stopped using it when I went from HTC Desire to GS3. One of the things I really enjoyed about Nova is the icon skins, being able to make the home screen layout simple yet functional. 1 container for say, all google apps, and similar icons for everything else instead of 3587895783 different colours and patterns, which I leave to the wallpaper. Each to their own I guess ;)

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Nova Launcher (Prime) - lots of control - folder/icon appearance, gestures, icon notifications, transparent status bar etc. Used in combination with Glovebox allows for a clean, minimalist, gesture-driven interface.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: BlinkFeed

    Nova Launcher. Why? Gestures. Yes others may be able to do it but Nova does what I want.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

    Action Launcher Pro: It doesn't have all the customisation features but its drawer for apps is genius. Its quick, slick and just works. It also gets updated very quickly by the developer.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I used to use Go launcher before it got spammy with ads etc. I liked it because I could back up my layout so it's easier to backup/keep my layout between roms, that and gestures were good. I'm now just happy using my stock one on my xperia z at the moment and I'm happy so far.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I've tried Launcher, ADW and Nova but each time I end up back with vanilla Android. Nothing else seems as snappy. Simplicity and response are king.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Nova Launcher - huge fan of being able to custom size some of the widgets (that clock was always too big for my liking...)

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Buzz Launcher! Hands down best and I've tried them all, you can instantly install designs others have created or make/customise your own. It's good because typically I will get bored of my homescreen after a few weeks but don't have time to design with buzz you can just find one you like and BAM its now yours!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Well someone was going to say it, might as well be first.

    Sense 5.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: BlinkFeed

      i use Nova Launcher because i dont have sense 5.

      I want the #HTCOne for its: BlinkFeed

    I just use the stock launcher on my Nexus 7, does exactly what I need.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

      This is me as well, on both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.
      Stock just feels.... Right.

    you need to be prepared to root your android phone.

    I triple boot my Android device (Galaxy Nexus) to run three different Android Launchers.
    #1 Stock Android JellyBean 4.2 (my favourite ofcourse)
    #2 iOS7 (via Nova Launcher)
    #3 Windows Phone (via Launcher8)
    Extra: Launcher Switcher

    Now to be awesome, and show off you slick device to iOS and windows fans. Here's how to do it:
    LAUNCHER 1: Stock Android Jellybean
    Simple. This should come on your android device already, if not you can ROM a stock version (I suggest SuperNexus for S3 users)

    LAUNCHER 2: iOS7
    Follow the instructions (thanks to ben Landwehr)

    1. Download Nova Launcher
    2. Download ios7 icon pack via link (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5fawrfa51t)
    3. Adjust Nova setting similar to iOS7
    - 5x4 rows/columns
    - remove search bar
    - large height margin
    - 4 dock icons
    - large width margin
    -large dock height
    -max icon size
    4. Download and use static wallpaper: http://tinypic.com/m/fwp012/3
    Live wallpaper (parallax theme ios7-not free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/de
    5. Edit all icons by holding down app icon and selecting the ios7 equivalent using ES File Explorer or similar

    LAUNCHER 3: Windows Phone
    1. Download Launcher8 via: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lx.launcher8&hl=en
    2. Set background to black
    3. Customize tile sizes and colours, windows notification bar if wanted

    EXTRA: Launcher Switcher (lets you switch between launchers at any time!)
    1. Download Launcher Switcher via: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.mobilefirst.launcherswitcher&hl=en

    All done! Time to show off the beauty and fusion of android, ios and windows on the greatest OS ever.

    CHECK MINE OUT! http://oi39.tinypic.com/2qc2mwi.jpg

    @Gizmodo: feel free to post as an article: How to run ios, android and windows simultaneously!

    And you know, it would look even nicer on a new HTC one *wink*

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I have the Nova Launcher, but can't bear to make it permanent.
    I just can't find a suitable replacement for the default AccuWeather Widget on my GS3.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

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      Having the same issue right now. I used to love Weather Australia but now it seems 2nd rate.



    Action Launcher Pro: beautiful as the stock launcher, but with the brilliant app drawer and widget covers. And Australian-made!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Something similar to the quicksilver launcher on the mac would be great! That thing works like a beast.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Stock Android for me. No thrills simplicity. The only little luxury I allow myself is Beautiful Widgets which is not really a launcher.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: BlinkFeed

    Another vote for Nova Launcher (Prime). Currently using minimalistic icon pack.

    Gestures, resizeable grids, icon noifications, hiding the notification bar, saving the setup so you can switch out and back easily, changing animations. Everything in one easy package.

    Have used most everything else - GO, Apex, Yandex, SPB... Nova best for me.

    Still stay stock on my Nexus 10 though.

    Nova homescreen screenshot: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5x8L0U5mXsAZDRUWmh5bUZtVm8/edit?usp=sharing

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    This is a bit far off what everyone is used to in a launcher, but I'm playing with the alpha version of Aviate and I'm actually really liking it. Linky Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tul.aviate

    If you want customization, steer clear. This is not for you - it has no themes, no widgets (though argueably you won't need any) and only one background image.

    If you want time and location based groupings of apps, suggestions and a different way of doing things, then try it out. Also, if you do try it, keep in mind that it is still Alpha so it can only really get better.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

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    Nova Launcher again, but I am not a loyal customer at all.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Go Launcher Prime, I shelled out for the paid version with no ads. It is a bit resource heavy but there are 10,000+ themes to choose from and when downloaded you can mix and match different elements from different themes to your liking. Go Launcher also has gestures. There is reward in sticking with the one launcher and building up your alternative icons, wallpapers, lockers etc over time.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

    I forgot i could use launchers when i had my phone...then again the galaxy tab could barely run any apps, so i doubt it would even run it.

    Nova sounds good though

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

    My preferred launcher would be Nova Launcher as it feels as much like stock Android. With a few simple steps though, It really isn't that difficult to root your phone and load a custom ROM. And its reversible so you can revert it back for warranty claims etc. It also allows you to over-clock/under-clock your CPU on the phone, which can save battery and/or boost the performance of your phone.

    One of the best guides I have found and used are the phone wikis on the Aussie whirlpool forums (not the same as the white goods manufacturer), Link here: http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/Mobile_Phones

    They cover the steps to root your phone (or links to a good guide) for most popular makes and models, it's easier looking here than trolling though the XDA forums. I have used it numerous of times for a wide variety of phones.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I have tried quite a few, however, Sense and stock are the best

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I've been using Atom Launcher, after having used Nova Launcher. I personally prefer Atom Launcher as it's free, although Nova Launcher is certainly worth the price. A great feature of Atom Launcher is that it allows you to port from existing launchers, keeping the placement of icons and widgets. It's also set on very minimal foundations and the developers put a lot of hard work into working with and for the users.

    That's why I'd say Atom Launcher is one of the best launchers out there, certainly on par with Nova Launcher.

    However, despite relying on launchers, I remain a fan of the stock Android launcher. It's minimal and lightweight and, with the help of Icon Themer ★ root, I can use any icons I want (Flatro is my favourite icon set).

    In addition to using the default launcher, I'm currently using CyanogenMod, which I've come back to after using AOKP for the last couple of months and Paranoid Android before that. Cyanogen lets me keep the great features that come with stock Android with some added customisation to keep it interesting, for instance, notification settings, themes, and homescreen/lockscreen/app drawer customisation.

    I want to win #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio. May the best entry win!

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