Website Exposes Instagram Frauds Who Use Filters But Tag #nofilter

Website Exposes Instagram Frauds Who Use Filters But Tag #nofilter

As sacred a hashtag as #tbt is on Instagram, the hashtag #nofilter is right there with it. If the selfie’s purpose is to crown your own face with likes, not using a filter on a picture and then bragging about it through a hashtag is to megaphone your arrival as an artist.

It’s like saying you could totally be a photographer if you weren’t stuck in a cubicle all day. Like telling the whole world to look at you and then not look at you but really, look at you. Digital flexing. #nofilter

But, lo and behold, because people on the internet cannot tell the truth and because the internet exposes all things as lies, there exists a beautiful Tumblr called Filter Fakers that exposes the Instafrauds that claim they use #nofilter but actually *GASP* use filters like Earlybird and X-Pro II. How dare they sully the self-congratulatory cult of Instagrammers who just take real pictures! How dare they pretend that hue of sky blue is real! How dare they massage their selfie skin tone with filters!

The Filter Fakers website is an automated archive catches people who use the #nofilter tag but actually use Instagram’s built-in filters. If you’re tweaking pictures with other filter apps (like a true Instaprofessional) it can’t catch you. There are unwritten rules to Instagram and this blatant false advertising is one of them. And although a few of these filter fakin’ folks claim #nofilter in sarcasm, many of them are obviously trying to paint their lives in better colours than what their real-life palette offers.

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