Watch A Real-Life Rocketeer Fly In Formation With A B-17 Bomber

Yves Rossy has been scorching the sky as Jetman for years now; he’s traversed everything from the Grand Canyon to (most of) the Mediterranean Sea. But I’m not sure anything he’s done to date is as wonderful as his recent stint as a B-17 bomber’s literal wingman.

Rossy, who’s well over 50 years old, can reach speeds of 305km/h and an altitude of 3.6km in his four-engine, carbon-Kevlar jetwing. This particular display was to generate hype for this summer’s US air show circuit, in which Jetman will be participating for the first time. While it’s doubtful he’ll be bringing a B-17 with him, there’s no doubt he’ll look even better by comparison alongside your standard crop duster. [Digg, Telegraph]