This Aussie Guy Is The Best Beatboxer You Will Ever Hear

From original beats through to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean: this guy is a one man beatboxing revolution, and this is the best video you'll watch all day.

Meet Tom Thum, an Aussie beatbox from Brisbane who brought his brand of whimsey to TEDxSydney and dropped phat beats in the main hall of the Sydney Opera House. Wow.

Geared up with a microphone and a few mixers, he takes us on a world tour of sound using nothing but his mouth. He even plays his nose at one point.

This is a must-watch.


    Tom Thum is under rated, a lot more skill then Joel Turner. Prop!

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    I normally think beatboxing is such a wank done by a bunch of techno doof doof rapper wannabees, but this guy is freaking awesome!

    Been a fan of Tom for a long time, ever since his early days doing bits for YouTube interviews. Who ever thought that growing up watching Police Academy movies would lead to a marketable skill, let alone a career in music?

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    Wow absolutely amazing! Def catching him next time hes in Brissie!!!

    Tom Thumb aka Tommy Illfigga is an All Element Bboy from Hell. Dude can break, rap, box and paint like a mothaf#cker!

    Anyone catch his stuff at Adelaide Fringe?

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    Crazy skills!!!!

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    This guy is amazing and makes beatboxing so much better than what a lot of other people do.

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    This guy is from Brisbane. Why have I never seen him before on the street. This guy is amazing.

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    How does he do that? Damnnnn!

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    Tom thum was featured on R.A the rugged man's album (legends never die) the track is also named Tom Thum. Dude is crazy!

    Ridiculous! You can't beatbox jazz! or so I thought before this guy blew my mind. Absolute awesomeness.

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    I was at that talk and I can say that he was far and away my favorite speaker! He can do dirty things with his mouth for my money any day...

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    This guy is excellent, Beardy Man has the same style, and uses the same tech on the table

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    Last edited 10/07/13 12:04 pm

      Was thinking of Beardyman myself. Would be good to see if Thum could sustain an hour+ show the way Beardyman does, but perhaps that just comes down to experience. He certainly has plenty of talent and dedication to work with!

    Dude's amazing. Video I got of him in adelaide a few years back:

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    Amazing that the human voice is such a powerful instrument and that Technology can only further enhance it to be able to take it beyond physical limitations.

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    Man this guy is awesome. The sound when mimicking a trumpet is amazing. If you didn't know better it sounds like someone is playing the real thing

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    Not generally a fan, but that guy can beatbox.

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    Use my mouth for exchange for cash LOL

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    I don't know about "the best you'll ever hear" but that was bloody amazing. I follow Beardyman and Dub FX but it's always nice to have a new name to add to the list and this guy has got some great skill and a nice sense of humour. That was indeed some tasty video :P

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    Have seen a few beatbox videos, none like this. and I ain't gonna forget this.Ever.

    I caught Beardyman live at Fujirock a while ago. I prefer Mr. Thum here ;)

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    That was seriously awesome. This guy does a better Billy Jean-beatbox than the masterful Reggie Watts! (check out Reggie's Ted talk for a Billy Jean comparison, & an equally as entertaining beatbox performance ).

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