The New Sci-Fi And Tech Shows You Need To Watch This Season

Science-fiction and technology are so hot right now -- which is good news for us, or we'd probably be out of a job. It's also great news for TV viewers who finally have some polished and unpatronising geek programming to feast their eyes on. Here are the new shows that you absolutely must check out over the coming TV season...

A lot of these shows are scheduled to air on US TV during the Fall season, which means we should hopefully be able to get our hands on them in the coming months. We've focused on new, untested properties that have a technology or sci-fi bent to them. Click on the images to watch the trailers.

Almost Human

Imagine if Robocop replaced the character of Riggs in Lethal Weapon. That's kind of the premise to Almost Human, a cop drama set 35 years in the future. On paper this might sound a bit old and busted, but the involvement of producers JJ Abrams/JH Wyman and actor Karl Urban raises expectations somewhat. Urban plays the human partner of a robot cop that constantly cracks under pressure when things get tough. Surely a bit of programming would sort that out?

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Having amassed over 1.5 billion dollars at the box office, The Avengers is kind of a big deal. The spin-off TV show is subsequently one of the most anticipated series in living memory. Despite clearly dying in the last movie, Agent Phil Coulson is back as the head of a new team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents. The show also has Joss Whedon on board as a creator, which should be a good sign; especially for fans of narky hipster dialogue.


Intelligence is a "cyber-themed action/adventure show" that follows the exploits of a US intelligence operative with a microchip implanted in his brain. This allows him to access any information in the blink of an eye (kind of like owning a smartphone, but without having to bookmark Wikipedia). The show is sure to score extra geek points (and female eyeballs) by casting Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on Lost.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything

UFC commentator Joe Rogan dons his thinking cap and muscle tee to investigate well, everything. The trailer includes an A.I robot, augmented reality military eyewear and Bigfoot, which all sounds promising.

The 100

The 100 follows a band of juvenile prisoners from space who are the first humans to set foot on Earth after a nuclear war wiped out civilization 97 years earlier. Power struggles break out both on the ground and in orbit as the teens explore the desolated planet and decide whether to evade or comply with their adult captors. It sounds like Lord Of The Flies meets After Earth meets Neighbours only not as rubbish as that sounds.

Bad Universe

Bad Universe is a new show from science blogger Phil Plait (AKA the Bad Astronomer). It appears to be kind of a high-brow Myth Busters, with Plait attempting to "debunk the junk" and reveal the real science behind the mysteries of our planet and universe. The first episode will feature an asteroid impact simulation and will doubtlessly include plenty of disparaging jokes about Armageddon.


Star-Crossed is the latest sci-fi show to explore what would happen if aliens crash-landed on Earth and had to be integrated into the community -- as seen in District 9, Alien Nation and countless episodes of Dr. Who. The premise still has plenty of mileage though. Watch the above trailer and judge for yourself.

Tales of the Unexpected

We don’t have a trailer, but a quick honourary mention for this upcoming SBS science documentary series (3x 60 minutes episodes) produced by Emmy Award winning director Sonya Pemberton, and partly funded by Screen Australia. “Each documentary takes a contemporary, counter-intuitive and sometimes controversial approach, turning what is commonly known about a particular subject, upside down. Through science, each film presents a new take on old ideas, and reopens subjects usually considered closed.” We’re fascinated; more Aussie science productions please.

The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a US reboot of the classic British children's science fiction show that charts the rise of the titular "tomorrow people": human beings who have progressed to the next stage of human evolution (homo superior). In other words, it's X-Men without the license. The new series stars Australian actor Luke Mitchell as John Young.

Halo TV Series

During Microsoft's controversial Xbox One launch, 343 Studios announced that a new live-action Halo TV show created by Steven Speilberg would be screening exclusively on the console. The aim is to make this a premium, big-budget show on par with Game of Thrones and Band of Brothers. In other words, you might have to snap up an Xbox One after all.


Helix is the latest sci-fi show from Ronald D. Moore: the brain behind Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Roswell and Battlestar Galactica. Described as "an intense thriller," the show follows a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only for things to go horribly wrong. It sounds like The Thing mixed with Outbreak. Colour us excited.

Heroes of Cosplay

We have nothing to add to this.

Let us know which show you think holds the most promise in the comments section below (and feel free to add YouTube links to any shows that we missed).

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    Almost Human is the creation of Fringe co-Showrunner JH Wyman. It's also filmed in Vancouver and uses a lot of the same crew.

    And if you haven't seen Fringe, then I would give it a go.

      It's also on this list twice. Top, and second from the bottom. Does look to be a good show though.

    Amazed and surprised to see the girl from Neighbours as one of the leads in The 100.

    Anyone watch the Intelligence video and thought to themselves "I never asked for this"

      No, I thought that when I watched Almost Human. Cop woken up from 2 year sleep and has a bionic leg that's being rejected by his body.... He didn't ask for it.

        So the plot of House but with a cop instead of a detective masquerading as a doctor.

    Startrek's "Bones" is pretty cool as a cop in Almost Human, can't wait... :)

    Last edited 22/07/13 2:12 pm

      you mean Eomer from Lord of the Rings?

        Is that the judge dredd looking dude?

          The bad Russian dude from the Bourne supremecy.

            You mean the New Zealand actor who was the Hero in Doom...

              No the conflicted soldier in the chronicles of riddick.

                Wait, what about the upstart CIA agent in RED?

                  You mean the stoner from Ghost Ship?
                  Or Cupid from Hercules, or was that Caesar from Zena? or both?

                  Or Grimm from DOOM?

                  Last edited 23/07/13 9:22 am

                You mean the Black hat from Priest?

                Last edited 23/07/13 9:23 am

        Heh... didn't even recognise him from that... :)

    "microchip implanted in his brain. This allows him to access any information in the blink of an eye "

    Sounds like Chuck to me...

    I'll certainly check all these out.. all my favourite shows have either been prematurely cancelled or finished..

    One sci-fi show I was really looking forward to but am now thoroughly disappointed in is "Under The Dome"... the first episode was quite good.. but since then... blech!

      Read the wikipedia article based on the book, save yourself from wasting anymore time on it.

      I just hope these new sci fi shows are actually sci fi's, not like the current iterations, which are by and large, crappy dramas with a sci fi premise that never gets explored. For all those hollywood types ill give you a pointer, its not a sci fi if you can simply remove the sci fi elements, and the show continues more or less unchanged.

        Exactly... a drama with scifi premise... that's EXACTLY what Under The Dome (TV) is..

          From what I have seen so far, it desperately wants to be Lost. To be fair, while it is no Lost - it is the best attempt so far at Lost since Lost.

          Next time you catch it, watch the breaks between scenes and the way they tease those into the final credits. Lost.

          its exactly what falling skies is

          9/10 episodes is about social unrest and inspiring the people or killing stuff.
          Then when the ratings get low, they throw in an episode with an alien attack

      No Yvonne Strahovski, so its not Chuck

      Chuck is irreplaceable.

      I dont think its even possible to "Remake" chuck

      the Characters were almost literally the Actors themselves

      Last edited 23/07/13 9:26 am

    One sci-fi show I was really looking forward to but am now thoroughly disappointed in is "Under The Dome" Given the premise, it really had no where to go... :)

    Last edited 22/07/13 2:32 pm

      Yeh.. but they could have done a decent single series with it... Jericho is a similar premise really.. and it did quite well..

    Seriously...syfy canceled alphas...and gives us heroes of cosplay????

    Not a good trade at all.

    Quite an impressive list. Here I was thinking SciFi as a genre on TV was dead or at least in its final death throws. Will be eagerly awaiting a few of these to see if they're actually any good.

      Have you watched -
      Falling Skies
      I am trying to think of a non-post-apocalyptic series and can't
      You could maybe argue The walking dead as SciFi
      Dr Who is going pretty well

        Continuum, Person of Interest, Warehouse 13. There are still a lot of sci fi shows around of varying quality. Certainly not a dead art form just yet. I think unlike other drama it stands the test of time, I just watched some old B5 eps the other day and it was still awesome :-)

          Warehouse only has like 8 episodes remaining.

          Shame because its a lot of fun. Also has really good ratings, not that SyFy ever seems to care.

    Looking forward to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and this is the first I've heard of Almost Human. It looks pretty good. I gotta say, the production levels on TV shows these days are just getting better and better, almost on par with blockbuster movies. I still occasionally watch classic shows like Magnum PI and the A Team.. those shows are timeless

    And for real science don't forget to watch the new series of Cosmos hosted by one of my favourite scientists Neil Degrasse Tyson.

    Few interesting ones... few.... well, no so interesting.

    My Impressions:
    - Almost Human looks pretty good
    - AGENTS has a lot of hype to live up to. Should be ok though.
    - Intelligence might be OK but looks like it might be crossing into the unbelievable area which annoys me sometimes personally. Like when they try to be realistic instead of sci-fi but just make up crap.
    - Joe Rogan... I'm not a massive fan of him so probably won't watch it.
    - The 100 started out interesting but ended up looking like neighbours in space... Why teens?
    - Bad Universe - didn't watch but sounds like another mythbusters
    - Star Crossed ... what kind of aliens look exactly the same? Also it's District 9 not 19. Looks like Twilight with aliens instead of vampires. I'm not sold.
    - Tomorrow People looks pretty interesting but also doesn't seem to be anything new or unique. It's like Xmen crossed with Jumper with some teen angst thrown in.
    - HALO, meh I'm not a halo fan, it will probably be an Xbox exclusive anyway
    - Helix, ooo black goo... need more info here.
    - Cosplay, uhh really? When will this current Reality TV trend end already? I like Cosplay as much as the next guy but I sure as hell don't need to watch whole episodes of cosplay models being bitchy.... Sounds like Next Top Model with costumes.

    In summary... what's with all the teen dramas? If you set it in space or with aliens or on post apocalyptic earth, it's still a teen drama. it's not sci-fi, it's not action, it's still an angsty teen drama.

    Some interesting things here but I hope there is more than this coming out soon. Guess I'll have to wait for new seasons of existing good shows.

      Tomorrow People is a remake of a very old TV show in the 70s - so saying it's like Xmen crossed with Jumper isn't very accurate. Not new or unique? The original TV show certainly was.

    Can't wait for that new show Samsung SMART TV (although it seems to be repeated quite a lot...)

    Star Crossed - Tall, attractive, white aliens who look and sound exactly like humans try to integrate with tall, attractive, white Americans. Americans behave more xenophobic than Nazis to the poor aliens for no apparent reason. Compelling viewing.

      They are doing it for compassionate reasons though. How many space ships of refugees have crashed into the sun on their way to Earth? Off-planet processing is the only solution to stop those who traffick in alien missery.

        If we turn the ships around at Jupiter they will stop coming.

      More like "Star Crossed" - ripping off the "Alien Nation" TV series, but with "aliens" that aren't even convincingly alien.
      Obviously an attempt to make low-budget aliens (little or no prosthetic make-up) who can have their "powers" put in later with CGI.

    Not only that but it creates more difficulties for those aliens trying to arrive by legal means.

    the tomorrow people looks a lot like Jumpers, so I think it will be very good.

    One of the guys in The 100 is also in Continuum, wonder if his character dies in either of the shows.

    God some of these shows look TERRIBLE! The amount of Cliche and American teenage high school angst is just too much.

      Problem with sci-fi is that it cannot be "too sci-fi" or you risk alienating your audience, who are mostly expecting something familiar. But you are right though, the familiar parts are very cliche and played out.

    Mmm, unless it has been given new life again, Bad Universe was one ep and it never went anywhere.... 3 years ago. Not sure how it got thrown into this mix?

    need more space scifi, like star trek or or babylon 5

    Sheilds actually looks quite shitty. However I will give Joss the benefit of the doubt. I really loved Dollhouse when it got into the big stories.

    The 100 looks likr it will be decent. I just hope they give the writers time to write an ending before they cancel it. It has that cliche opening door to atmosphere not knowing if it's breathable, which I hate. That brunette is hot.

    Intelligence seems like a remake of chuck. I'll watch.

    That Phil Plait Bad Universe isn't a new show. Did it go to series? That's from the three episode pilot made a couple years back.

    Star-Crossed - no thank you.

    Helix - i'll give it a shot

    Watched the first episode of "Rewind".. it looks decent enough... it's another one of those time-travel back to change the past so the future-present is "fixed" things. Will just have to see how they go.. but so far it's been fairly predictable with a little bit of semi-faux science to sell it.

    Is that a 'skeptical' show with joe rogan?

    The guys a fucking conspiracy theory nut. He doesn't believe in the moon landing. So I don't see how many show with him 'questioning' things could be of any value.

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