Taronga Zoo Plays With Google Glass [Video]

Taronga Zoo Plays With Google Glass [Video]

This week, various zookeepers at Taronga were given access to Google’s hotly-anticipated augmented-reality eyewear in a bid to see how the technology can assist in the care and treatment of animals. Annoyingly, the animals weren’t given a chance to try on the specs for themselves which would have made for a more interesting video.

Is there nothing Google’s AR eye-goggles can’t do? Earlier in the week, a porn company released the first X-rated movie filmed with Google Glass. Now, Taronga Zoo has shown how the technology can be used in zoos. Now all we need is for someone to combine the two concepts to bring on the end of civilization.

“We had the opportunity to try out Google Glass this week, and our keepers were curious to see if it would help them in caring for the animals,” the zoo explained on its website.

“It also gave the rest of us the chance to see the animals through the eyes of the keepers, as they went behind-the-scenes to work with the koalas, eagles, giraffe and a sooty owl.”

Check out the above video to see the zookeepers’ escapades for yourself.