Stunning Video Is Animated With Nothing But Light And Freezing Breath

Considering that basic projectors are fairly dated pieces of tech at this point, the number of people still putting them to ingenius, wildly creative use is almost baffling. This recently released video from the band Travis is certainly no exception.

With nothing but their trusty projector and (likely) some hyperventilating, they were able to turn their own breath into the beautifully ethereal animations you see above.

In order for their breath to have the actual capacity to reflect light, the band had to shoot at below freezing temperatures. Considering the medium, the animations come out with surprising clarity. Thanks to the natural irregularities in the bands' breathing, there are some incredible effects that take place and lend a very human quality to the animations. You can see how the group actually went about making the video below. And one of the greatest things about a technique like this is that, seemingly, these animations would be just as lovely in person as they are post-edit.


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