Samsung's Latest Ad Is Mind-Bending, Bizarre And Kind Of Creepy

Ninjas. Goats. Fruit. Breakdancing. What the f**k did I even just watch, Samsung?

Here's the latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4, aired in Iceland. It features a handsome man sitting in a field of boulders pondering the meaning of an actual apple. Not the phone — the fruit.

The handsome man presses, prods and swipes over the fruit, quizzically wondering why it won't do what he wants it to do. Presumably it's because the apple is smarter than he is.

A shining ray of light enters the scene, however, when our Icelandic hero picks up a Galaxy S4. It's all smiles with this thing.

In no time at all though, we're transported to another place: an abandoned building featuring black-clad ninjas dancing around our hero...and a goat.

Seriously, this ad put me on edge. Is it selling phones or an underground art installation? [Mashable]

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