Saints Row IV Is Very Banned In Australia

Drug use and alien sex toys are back on the agenda at the Australian Classification Board today, as the fun police announced that Saints Row IV really is banned in Australia after an appeal.

The uncensored version of the game that originally attracted the Classification Board's ire has had its original Refused Classification decision upheld on appeal today, with the Board citing only drug use as the major issue overstepping the classification requirements reports Kotaku.

All three members of the review panel came down hard on the game, with a unanimous Refused Classification declared.

Previously, the game set off alarm bells for use of a purple alien dildo that the player used to reportedly sodomise other characters in the game, but there has strangely been no mention of the implement in the final decision, outed today. We'd have to take a look at the full report (which isn't out yet) to be sure, though.

Saints Row IV developer Deep Silver is reportedly working on a safe version of the game for submission to the Classification Board, but no word yet on when we might see it pass (or not pass) through the Board. [Kotaku]

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    Imports are cheaper anyway lol.

      Pirating is even cheaper still.

        The Devs are doing what they can to get it passed so we can still get the game which shows dedication to the Aussie consumers so frankly if you pirate this game you're a douche and don't deserve the privilege. Seriously why would devs even bother going to all this trouble with gamers like you in our country, both time and $$$ are being spent just so that you and I can have access to this game locally and you're talking about pirating it? You're a douche

          im not gonna buy/pirate this game but if i was, in my mind i'm probably going to be thinking:

          they aren't getting my money either way. if the game doesn't get released in australia, i can't readily pay for it. if i can't legally pay for it, then i might as well pirate it. lets call this 'circumventing' the current options presented to me.

            Considering how easy it is today to grey import, which will get you the original non gimped non Australian version, pirating is definitely the douche way to go about it.

              i foresee the likelihood of obtaining a grey importing pretty bleak. considering that australian customs officials were on the hunt to confiscate copies of Mortal Kombat from coming into the country when it received its australian ban back in 2011.


                For all their hunting I sure saw a lot of people who imported it without trouble :P

              Importing it is still technically illegal in most states. You'll probably get away with it, but if caught, you lost the game and cop a $1000 fine for trying to obtain contraband material.

          He'll get a better experience if he pirates: the full game, as it was intended, not the censored version.

      Just hope that customs don't intercept it. Importing banned products is illegal and sets you back about $2000.

        Customs pretty much don't give a crap about banned games. I don't like saints row, but I've been importing all my GTA's since they banned GTA3 to make sure I don't get the gimped version, and will for any gimped Australian release.

          The people who tried to import Mortal Kombat would disagree with you haha, my friend got a $2000 fine for that. Such a loser.

            Haha, I suppose the games I've imported have just been the R versions of the gimped local MA games, so draw less attention.

    What is the point of the R18+ then.

      To stop violent video games from being sold to people under 18. Everyone thought that the R18 rating would open the flood gates to everything that was too violent for MA15+, but that isn't true, the R18 rating has requirements just like the rest of them, if a game does not meet that requirement, then it cannot be classified.

      The R18 has raised the roof in terms of what content will be made available, but people were wrong to think that everything and anything would be made available. Sexual violence is one thing that will never be allowed in video games in Australia, and I for one agree with that.

    I have zero interest in this game... but just because there's this ban for trivial and silly reasons it makes me think I should get it anyway.

      absolutely. I hadn't heard of "The Human Centipede" but when I read that the sequel was banned, guess what? I downloaded em both.

    Once again the Classification Board is only following set guidelines.

    Specifically this bit:
    Material promoting or encouraging proscribed drug use.

    Computer games will also be Refused Classification if they contain:

    (i) illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards;

    (ii) interactive drug use which is detailed and realistic

    Not their fault if the game features illegal drugs in an incentivised way.

      I think the reason behind having three people decide on this instead of just some civil servant in a back room doing it anonymously is that there is some leeway and judgement involved, i.e. not just going by a set of rules but using them as what they are: "guidelines".

      And in this situation they probably made a bad call, evaluating the game as if it was aimed at children. They can rightly be criticised for that.

      The sexual violence section of the guidelines is also important for this ruling. I don't have it on hand though.

      It actually passes (ii) - the game is set in a virtual world, which sets all the actions within that game as unrealistic in- and out-of-context.

      It fails on (i) as long as you take the drug use out of context - the characters aren't "actually" using drugs, they're imagining they're using drugs. In context, there is only virtual drug taking by the (in-game) virtual character. Add even more context, the real-world player is imagining being the in-game character imagining being a virtual character taking virtual versions of imaginary versions of real-world drugs.

    Replace 'Banned in Australia' with 'Australian retailers banned from making money'. I wasnt planning on getting it anyway, but there a plenty of safe and cheap options available should i change my mind.

      It's not 100% safe you know. Not to sound like a naysayer, but when Mortal Kombat was banned in Australia, customs picked up a lot of imported copies, and fined the importer thousands of dollars for it.

        They got some, didnt get mine. I could be wrong, but i think the numbers of intercepted copies was drastically overstated by angry gamers looking to make a point, and Customs looking for publicity.

    And here I was thinking that our new R18+ rating was a game changer, yet they continue to rate games based on a ban if it exceeds MA15+ guidelines. Thankfully, the PS4 is region-free, and this stupid banning of games won't be a big thing in the future.

    They'll put this shit on TV for us to watch ( because it's for the 'right reasons' but I can't buy a video game (tax going to the gov) with less realistic trauma, for the 'wrong reasons.'

    F*ck the nanny state.

    The title of this article is very misleading. It implies that the safe version of the game got banned as well. Good way to get click-throughs from angry nerds who don't read all of the article before commenting. Very crap journalism.

    Interesting why has the infamous rape simulator not being mentioned this time??

    incentivised drug use is the most BS reason not to classify a game as R18+, as an adult i know full well the real life repercussions of drug use and i know full well shooting up isn't going to net me 10xp and a life bar refill, the R18 rating is there to limit games to adults only, so stop treating adult gamers like children and remove rubbish like incentivised drug use from the list of insta-ban items

      That's true, however you don't represent the vast majority of adults, consider that being over 18 classifies you as an adult in this country, how many people between 18-21 do you know that are totally responsible? I don't know any, and I am in my 20's. Plus this game WILL make it into the hands of < 18 year olds.

        and thats what is wrong with the current system and current thinking right there!

        18 is the age we have defined as the age at which you become an adult, that we have defined as when you becoming capable of considering the risks of the actions your about to take and consequences of sed actions, its the age we legally define as the tilting point where YOU are fully responsible for everything you do, it doesn't matter that there are a bunch of people over 18 who are morons, the legal definition of an adult is 18.
        When considering a product "as safe for the consumption of adults", the classifications board for instance, should only be thinking of the defined "adult" who as i mentioned we have legally defined as being able to consider risk and take responsibility for all actions, they shouldn't be considering the minority group of brain dead drop kicks, if we did that in all situations, we would have nothing so we shouldn't be doing it here.

        and the more annoying thought you had, that this game WILL make it into the hands of those under 18 years old, this again should not be the consideration of the classification board, the classification board is there to make a decision on who they think the game is appropriate for, not classify a game depending on who they think might play it, classification and enforcement of the classification are two very separate issues, to use a bigger analogy, cars are sometimes driven by those under 16 or those without a licence, guess we better remove cars from the general public then?

    This is why the world is laughing at us...
    why is the government treating us like kids?
    How can this game be classified more than R18?...Worst than Game of Thrones?

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