Saints Row IV Is Very Banned In Australia

Saints Row IV Is Very Banned In Australia

Drug use and alien sex toys are back on the agenda at the Australian Classification Board today, as the fun police announced that Saints Row IV really is banned in Australia after an appeal.

The uncensored version of the game that originally attracted the Classification Board’s ire has had its original Refused Classification decision upheld on appeal today, with the Board citing only drug use as the major issue overstepping the classification requirements reports Kotaku.

All three members of the review panel came down hard on the game, with a unanimous Refused Classification declared.

Previously, the game set off alarm bells for use of a purple alien dildo that the player used to reportedly sodomise other characters in the game, but there has strangely been no mention of the implement in the final decision, outed today. We’d have to take a look at the full report (which isn’t out yet) to be sure, though.

Saints Row IV developer Deep Silver is reportedly working on a safe version of the game for submission to the Classification Board, but no word yet on when we might see it pass (or not pass) through the Board. [Kotaku]