Roamz Is Dead

Roamz Is Dead

Bad news, Roamz users: your favourite local scout app is dead.

Roamz emailed its users this morning with a thank-you and goodbye, saying that they had finally pushed its development resources into a new venture known as Local Measure.

Local Measure takes the Roamz idea and builds on it, giving people the opportunity to centre conversation around particular retail stores or chains.

In an interesting move, Roamz isn’t available in the App Store anymore. The company hasn’t just stopped providing support and updates to the app: the death of Roamz really is permanent. If you have it on your phone and want to keep using it, you had better not delete it.

Here’s the full email:

Dear Roamz user,

It is with sadness that I write this message to tell you that we’ve made the decision to close down the Roamz iPhone, Android and web applications. As of today, Roamz will no longer be available in the supporting App stores.
Since the launch of Roamz 18 months ago, we’ve grown our user base to over 200,000, deployed many updates and features, had many peaks (and even outages) and through it all have continually received hundreds of warm messages from our avid users, from all over the globe. We are deeply humbled and thankful to have had the opportunity to share our passion and product with you all.

While we say goodbye to Roamz however, our new focus is building and growing our B2B counterpart, Local Measure. One of the joys of working in the fast-moving technology sector is that we can quickly adapt our strategy and product to cater to the diverse number of ways people use technology to connect with each other, and with businesses.

Similar to Roamz, Local Measure merges local content, social media and mobile technology, to provide an aggregate view of conversations taking place, in real time, at an individual store or on a store-by-store basis for retail chains. We’re excited to say that in the 12 weeks since launch, we’ve already successfully on-boarded hundreds of businesses and have already have some large paying customers (which we’re thrilled about!).

We’re sad to see Roamz go, but thankful to have the opportunity to apply our learnings in our new business product, Local Measure.

If you have any questions or messages, please email us on [email protected] or @roamz on Twitter.

CEO of Roamz
Jonathan Barouch