Meet Your New Communications Minister, Australia

Out with the old, in with the new.

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Following the resignation of Senator Stephen Conroy from the Cabinet Communications portfolio, new Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has inherited the job.

Deputy Prime Minister Albanese is probably the best choice to take on the Communications Minister-post after Stephen Conroy, thanks to his position as Conroy's ministerial representative in the House Of Representatives (Conroy, previously a Senator, couldn't enter the House of Reps to answer questions, so Albanese took questions relating to the Communications portfolio).

For example, watch Albanese own Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on the continued use of copper in a fibre-to-the-node national broadband network:

Let's just hope he doesn't get caught plagiarising Aaron Sorkin again...

The NBN has also become a key election issue for the new-look Labor Party, as Kevin Rudd highlighted in a very open press conference on Friday. Prime Minister Rudd said that he'd had many conversations with overseas visitors and students who questioned the paltry speeds offered by Australian broadband infrastructure, and said that the NBN was key to fixing those issues.

Best of luck in the new role, Deputy Prime Minister. Here's hoping we don't have to Photoshop red underpants onto your head.

It's no red underpants gaffe, but here's new Communications Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, interviewing himself on radio.

Meanwhile, Member for Chifley and friend of Gizmodo, Ed Husic MP, is the new Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, and more interestingly, the Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband. Husic had been in exile following the last Labor leadership spill a few months ago, but now he's back! That's great news following his excellent work around the IT Pricing Inquiry.

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Despite her stout support for the Prime Minister during last week's leadership spill, Kate Lundy has received a position as Minister Assisting the Digital Economy (hurray!), while Kim Carr who stepped down during the March spill has retaken his position as Innovation Minister.



    A bit surprised and disappointed but I suppose it makes sense having the same guy in Transportation and Communications. I have seen precedent in this.

    Good idea though to have Husic as Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband.

      I love Albanese, he is funny, witty and smart.

      I do have to say that he looks a little drunk whenever he talks which just makes him all the better.

      Rarely do you get a mix of someone that can be serious and funny at the same time.

        He's alright but I was expecting someone more awesome for Communications. Still, silver lining though.

    All this is good news indeed. Its about time we had some real choice at these elections rather than none at all... Despite which side you support I think a healthy democracy needs choice and now we have that. And I must admit I like Ruddy's new team.

    Well lets just say, it couldn't get any worse right... -.-'

    I've seen Albanese own the opposition on many occasions during question time, he's certainly no dullard and should be able to keep the oppositions hyperbole in check.

    Albanese is a fantastic choice. Great character and certainly more likeable than Conroy. Should be an interesting few months ahead.

    THAT'S the politics I used to love. It was what made Question Time enjoyable to watch. Getting the point across with good humour. (And kudos to Turnbull for laughing along with it.)

    Kim Carr's reinstatement is the really great news. One of the few men in Australian Politics who actually tried to save our car industry.

    In the lst 10 years or so we've had the deplorable Luddite Richard Alston and the insane Stephen Conjob. I don't know if Sleazey Albanese could be any worse than Conjob, let's hope not. I won't be voting Labour or Liberal, but the realist in me definitely would rather Labour win than the vile arch conservative Phoney Abbott.


      Last edited 18/06/15 10:38 am

        He called Labor as Labour - at least could have backed it up on the other end. I suggest:

        Liberal as Fiberal.

    really... is that the best they could find?

    John Clarke and Brian Dawe better watch out!

    Last edited 01/07/13 8:05 pm

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