Lumens And Lux: Light Words Explained In A Single Image

If you've ever tried to compare torches or lighting of any kind, you've probably been confronted with a bunch of confusing terms like lumen and lux that are supposed to describe how powerful a light is.We thing? Well here they are explained in a single image.

The above image, posted yesterday by the folks at Urban Velo explains everything you need to know about the common terms lumens lux and candela. They're obviously thinking about these in terms of bike lights (which you should obviously be using if you ride at night), but they're applicable to everything from flashlights to lightbulbs. [Urban Velo]


    Pity they didn't get it right!!!
    Candela is the total power - not strength - of all emitted photonic radiation irrespective of weather or not that photonic radiation is within the visible spectrum and is in some way comparable to Watts (the unit of power).
    Lumen's is the total power of only the emitted photonic radiation that is within the visible spectrum.
    Lux is the intensity of light reflected or emitted by a surface taking into consideration the surface area.

      Thanks I think I actually understand that.
      It's almost like.
      Candela: Total Power.
      Lumen's: Usable Power.
      Lux: Power being used.

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