LG's New Portable Projector Is A Retro Rhombus-Covered Wonder

Despite the strong feelings Don Draper harbors for them, projectors have never been particularly moving pieces of technology. But LG's new portable projector has charisma. This elegant little device looks more like a 1950s camera than a gadget from 2013.

But first, the specs. The PG65U is a portable LED projector with an external battery, which makes it easy to carry it anywhere. The bulb packs 500 lumens and is guaranteed to last for 30,000 hours, with a respectable 1280x800 native resolution. If you're the kind of person that wants to take it outside and project a movie on the side of your house (I assume you are, since you're not a monster), you'll be able to enlarge the screen up to 125 inches wide. The PG65U is eminently portable too. It arrives Wi-Fi enabled with a built-in TV tuner, and it's also equipped with a USB hub for playing HD files. Miracast is another perk — you can mirror any of your other enabled devices automatically.

But it's the product design that makes this thing shine — unlike convention projectors, which sit low and flat, LG's engineers have flipped the PG65U on its side and given it an oversized bulb cover that mimics the lens of an 8mm camera. The rhomboid-patterned vents are the icing on the cake. At $US700, it's an investment — but I'd wager that it's a safe one. [Amazon]

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