Is Discovering Global Warming Our Greatest Scientific Achievement?

There are some very smart people on this planet we call Earth and they’ve all done some very smart things to help us understand the world better. Isaac Newton. Charles Darwin. Albert Einstein. No name scientists. Commenters of the Internet. We have them to thank. But of all the discoveries and accomplishments, is finding out about global warming mankind’s greatest scientific achievement?

PBS Idea Channel and its inquisitive mind decided to tackle the question. Sure some people ignore global warming. Others might not find it any harder than just realising hey, this year is hotter than last year. But Idea Channel believes the amount of work is so impressive, that it might be the greatest thing we’ve ever done:

Our understanding of the global climate comes from a compendium of data including measured and tracked temperature, humidity, wind speed, and barometric pressure, spanning over 100 years of observation!! To study this massive amount of information and be able to surmise that the increasingly extreme and bizarre weather patterns are a result of human influence… it’s truly an incredible accomplishment. So everyone who says during a blizzard “so much for global warming”… shut up. You’re wrong.

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