Inside Aston Martin’s Dream Factory Workshop

Inside Aston Martin’s Dream Factory Workshop

There are very few car brands that carry the prestige of the Aston Martin brand. Beauty, style, poise and incredible speed, all under the one quintessentially British badge. So how does Aston Martin treat its customers once they have bought into the legacy? Welcome to Aston Martin Works: the dream factory for British supercars, where anything the owners want can be melded, changed and re-invented.

The workshop is nestled in the old Aston Martin HQ in Newport Pagnell, England, and has been retrofit to be the premier home of Aston Martin service and support in the world. Cars are flown from all continents to be serviced by the skilled workers inside the hallowed workshop, and even more incredibly, these mechanics fly out to locations all over the world to fix cars that aren’t fit to travel.

The ethos of the facility is to do anything to the Aston Martin that the customer wants done. If it’s legal and safe, Aston Martin Works makes it happen to any generation or model of car.

Right now there are cars in the factory getting all manner of upgrades.

Pre-war Aston Martins are being restored, right hand drive cars are being changed to to left hand drives, and some Vantages are coming in for an automatic to manual gearbox conversion. One car from Australia is in the workshop right now going through that very process.

Full restorations can take over a year, mostly because of the level of detail they go into at Aston Martin Works. Restoration cars get stripped down if it’s found to be unsalvagable due to rust or age, panels and parts will be replaced. They’re so good that the waiting list sprawls into mid-next year.

As an example, one mechanic rebuilt the iconic DB5, while another is retrofitting a DB2 to be fit for purpose as a daily-driver in the Middle-East. It’s had air-conditioning, power steering and a new alternator installed so that the car is more modern and easier to live with.

Some cars come in for just a colour and upholstry change, but Aston Martin Works caters to the big and small jobs.

Aston Martin Works is a dream factory. Mechanics fuse creativity, design and intelligence to become master craftsmen, fit to travel anywhere in the world to keep the Aston Martin legacy alive for the lucky owners of these cars.