IKEA's LED Strips Automatically Illuminate The Deepest Darkest Drawers

Whether you get ready for work at some impossibly early hour before the sun rises, or you live in a cheap windowless apartment, IKEA's new Dioder strip lights will bring some much needed illumination to drawers, cupboards and closets.

To maximise the battery life of the $35 Dioder's six AAAs, the LEDs automatically illuminate for 15 seconds when a door or drawer is opened and a sensor is exposed to light, and automatically turn off after five seconds in the dark. Mounting is as simple as attaching a couple of screws, or just relying on a set of adhesive pads, and once in place you'll never accidentally grab your dark blue socks instead of the black pair again.

[IKEA via TheGreenHead]


    Tell me there's also a little on button somewhere. I was thinking this would be useful as a sort of landing strip light when I walk through my dark hallway at night but then I read that there's a light sensor.
    So it's a light that only turns on when there's other light? What if I want to open my drawer in the dark? Which I would do now since there's a light in my drawer.

      just punch LED Strip lighting into ebay. It's about $35 for 5 meters, can be easily soldered and runs off 12 volt which you can provide with a step down transformer.

      Hell, you can even get 16 million colour versions.


        This one has RGB, is 10 meters, comes with the transformer AND a REMOTE!!

    Had one of these for about 2 years, infomercial?

    I'm doing a similar DIY setup in a hallway cupboard, using LED strip lights connected to a reed switch between the sliding doors and the frame, slide the doors open, lights come on, slide door closed, lights turn off.

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