Here's What Taking A Photo While Standing On Lava Looks Like

Photographers can do some crazy things for the sake of their profession, but hey, we all get to enjoy the fruits of their totally mental endeavours! I'd draw the line at standing on super-hot lava — of course, I'm not Kawika Singson, the man pictured here with not only his tripod's legs on fire, but his legs too.

According to the Facebook post that accompanies the photo, Singson thought it'd be "pretty cool (hot!)" to stand on lava while someone snapped a picture of him. Those flames you see on his gear and shoes? Yeah, that's real fire. It goes on to mention he could only stand their for "a few seconds" — I can't imagine why!

Unfortunately, it's not mentioned where the photo was taken (my best guess is Hawaii), in case you want to replicate the results. Sufficed to say it's a place with lava... a beautiful place with lava, if Singson's other snaps are to be believed.

[Facebook, via PetaPixel]

Image: Kawika Singson

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