Here’s Eric Schmidt Using The Moto X Smartphone In The Wild

Here’s Eric Schmidt Using The Moto X Smartphone In The Wild

Information about Motorola’s forthcoming “Moto X” smartphone has been slowly trickling out over the last few months. Here’s our first look at the snazzy new Moto phone, courtesy of Mr Eric Schmidt.

The Google Chairman was photographed by several wire services using the forthcoming phone at a meeting of tech minds in Sun Valley, Idaho. And OOOOAAAHHH it looks so pretty.

From what we can tell, the Moto X has a big eye-camera on the back, which looks a bit like the design of the HTC One. Or it would it if it wasn’t for that pronounced curve shape. From what we can see, this could be Motorola’s handsomest phone in years.

Beyond what it looks like, we do what the new Motorola Android flagship will be. The Moto X will definitely be assembled at a factory in Texas. According to some reports, it will come with optional custom colours and laser engravings.

The Moto X will be significant for Motorola because it’s the first phone that’s been fully designed under the tutelage of Google. The choices Google makes with this phone says a lot about the direction it envisions for Motorola in the future.

Pictures: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images