Here Are Famous Art Paintings Amazingly Recreated With Deli Meat

Well, to consider this anything other than fantastic is to be wrong. Photographer Karsten Wegener teamed up with designer Silke Baltruschat and food stylist Raik Holst to create 'Sausage in Art', art which recreates famous paintings by using... deli meats, sausages, eggs, pickles and more. It might not look as good as the original, but it's infinitely more tasty (and more funny).

Wegener told Co.Design:

“We recognised pieces of art in the different appearances of sausage and meat. For some pictures, the appearance of the food itself was the connection to the artwork. For others it was the combination or arrangement of different foods, the packaging or the name of a dish.”

The above deli renditions are obvious: Edvard Munch's The Scream and Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog. Here are a few others below (you can find more here). If you can appreciate silliness, you gotta love Wegener's series. It's thoughtfully funny, I want to see this in a museum... or at least a deli. [Karsten Wegener via Co.Design, Laughing Squid]

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