See Haunting Images Of Costa Concordia Shipwreck On Google Maps

For more than a year, the wreck of the Costa Concordia has been a tragic fixture on Tuscany's Isola del Giglio coastline. The crumbling remains have been there for so long it has subsequently been snapped by Google Maps. Check out these amazing images to pay your respects.

The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground in January 2012 after hitting a reef and capsizing. The accident caused the deaths of 32 passengers and left the cruise ship an unsalvageable wreck. There are plans for the ship to be towed away later this year, but until then you can view the remains on Google Maps. [Update: Obviously we used Google Earth to capture the below renders, but the boat is also visible in Google Map photos.]

In the below image, you can just make out the hulk of the Costa Concordia which we have circled in red:

Zoom in closer, and the mystery shape becomes more apparent:

You can check out the wreck for yourself by heading to Google Maps and typing in the relevant co-ordinates.

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