Fitmodo Running Week: Best Fitness Gadgets

Fitmodo Running Week: Best Fitness Gadgets

Getting off the couch and into your runners is great, but how will you know you’re actually doing yourself a service if you can’t track your progress? Here are 10 of our favourite fitness gadgets to help you see your results in more detail than ever.

Welcome to Gizmodo’s Fitmodo Running Week! This week we’re going through everything you need to be a better runner. From tips to tech, we’ve got what you need to get you over the line of your next 5K!

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Jawbone Up


The phrase “get a Fitbit” is now a more complicated proposition than before with all the devices in the range now. They’re all great, but here are the ones you can choose from to meet your fitness needs.

FitBit One

FitBit Zip

Fitbit Flex

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor



Adidas Micoach Speed Cell


FitBit gadgetiOSAndroid

Sennheiser PMX 680i Sports

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